Why The ‘E’ Word Is A Good Idea

At a certain point in the editing of “Parents of the Revolution” I considered adding to the film’s beginning the Kubler-Ross Five Stages of Death with the ‘anger’ stage being emphasized. In a big picture kind of way, I’ve always seen what happened in Zuccotti Park as the beginnings of populist anger against our ‘free’ market system and its impending doom.

I think that I chose not to ultimately include mention of these stages because at my core I’m a hopeful person who likes to see the good in people and I’m really praying that maybe something can be done before it’s too late.

I bring this up as we seem to be on the cusp of something larger than just global collapse. The word ‘Extinction’ seems to be bandied about more and more these days by some fairly rational people. Is it possible we have set into motion the destruction of the human race? It would seem so if you read this article (personal admission: this article kicked my butt) or what Al Gore put out in the NYTimes  recently about a new book about the ‘E’ word.

Maybe the ‘E’ word is what’s needed in today’s world to make us all wake up to the reality that we can’t continue trashing the planet in the manner that we’ve grown so blissfully accustomed.

We as human beings get so caught up in our creature comforts that most of us can’t see beyond them and will even go kicking and screaming to maintain them. It’s unfortunate and truly short sighted.

Somehow this makes me think of what happened to my old 4th grade teacher who my family and I still are in contact with. For years she smoked and couldn’t quit. This went on until one day she was informed by her doctor that if she had just one more cigarette, it would pop an irregular blood vessel that had formed in her head and she would die instantly.

She went cold turkey on smoking and is still happily alive today as a result.

So, in a twisted way I’m happy that big ‘E’ word is being mentioned more and more. Maybe, like my former teacher’s doctor, the message will sink in before it’s too late.