Welcome to the Revolution!

Dana and Charlie at the park.Yesterday, my ten-year-old son, Charlie, shared how someone had posted a message on his Minecraft game that used some “bad words.” I immediately grew concerned but Charlie just reassured me with this statement:

“Don’t worry, dad, just because I read or hear those words doesn’t mean that I’m going to repeat them.”

I told my wife later on about this and we both smiled at each other, feeling that we had done something right in bringing our eldest son up. At the end of the day we as parents can only encourage our kids to do what we feel is right and to try to teach them by example about the values we believe are important.

Since becoming a father, most of the documentary film work I gravitate towards seems to be about the transmission of values between parents and their kids. For me, to really change the world, we must start at home. So much of our belief system stems from how we were brought up, for better or worse. With my previous film, The Evolution of Dad, I explored the significance of having dads engaged with their kid’s lives as well as how detrimental it is when children grow up with that role missing.

Parents of the Revolution goes one step further in terms of exploring how we pass on values as they relate to civic duty. Through the stories of the families that I profiled, the primary question raised is: are we bring up our kids as complacent, compliant and complaining individuals who think that our only responsibility as citizens are paying taxes, voting and being good consumers – or should we be teaching our kids to be more active participants in our democracy, to think for themselves and to speak out when there is injustice?

With this new film my hope is to begin a larger conversation about how we are bringing up our kids in terms of giving them a democratic voice. The way I see it, a country is only as strong as its citizenry and that’s got to start with how we raise our sons and daughters.

As for this blog, it will not only feature my own personal thoughts but also essays and insights from a variety of sources from some of the amazing people who have worked on the film to the parents I profiled to some relevant experts. I also look forward to hearing your voice in this conversation as well. Thanks for reading and stay tuned!


Dana H. Glazer, Producer – Director