Storytellers: Our Trip to the 19th Annual Palm Beach Film Festival

We were thrilled to premiere our film at the 19th Annual Palm Beach International Film Festival this past Saturday, April 5. Our special guests included civic students from Boca Raton Middle School, who participated in our post-screening Q&A, moderated by their teacher, and festival volunteer, Mark Pollack. The students, and other audience members, offered great feedback on the subject of civil disobedience in this country and the role it plays in our democracy.

We were in excellent company, with 165 films beings screened, including 83 features and 82 short films. Of the features, 28 were documentaries which included such diverse topics as the Holocaust, the selling of Coney Island, the hunt for the greatest Buffalo chicken wings and sex trafficking in Cambodia.

Especially thrilling was to talk to writer and director Ho Yi and his lovely wife Vivian Chow Wong at Saturday night’s stunning party at the EAU Palm Beach Hotel.

The couple traveled from Hong Kong to premiere their feature ‘Red Passage’, a film “based on untold true events”, of a Hong Kong boy moved from a British colonial state school to mainland Chinese-run, “patriotic” indoctrination school, a common practice at the pinnacle of the Cultural Revolution (1966-1975), which adversely affected thousands of young people. Vivian told us that Hong Kong distributors would not distribute the film for fear of a loss of business from their Chinese partners.

Film remains a powerful medium for telling important stories, and it takes courage to tell a story that some people want never to be heard.

We are so proud to be among these brave storytellers and we say Bravo! — and good luck — to all the festival participants.