Soundtrack Sample #1 – The Linda Green Song (Whatcha Gonna Do)

20130228_234158Adriel Borshansky wrote the amazing end credits song for my previous film and I was really excited to work with him again. At the time he was in between college and graduate school; and since his family lives in the same town as I do, we got to spend some time together.

On a lark, I passed Adriel a poem I had written that was an outgrowth of doing some research on the nefarious banking practices that ultimately led to the ’08 meltdown and then Occupy. I was particularly enraged by the foreclosures that were enacted by the big banks and the fraudulent practices behind this evil – particularly the ‘robosigning’ of foreclosure notices. One of the smoking guns that I found was how the name Linda Green was used over and over again on these forged documents.

Adriel took my poem and came back with this song. Our hope is that it will bring back some attention to the one of the nastier things several major banks are responsible for.

Check out the rest of the film’s soundtrack for either CD purchase or iTunes download by going here here.