Film Recommendation: The East

The EastIf you are looking for a film that feeds your soul while being a really terrific entertainment, look no further than “The East.” It’s that rare Hollywood film that grapples with social justice in an honest manner. All of the issues that are inherent in activism and trying to make a better world are brilliantly built into “The East.” The film director and star spent a summer where they joined an anarchist group in search of answers to how to create a better world and, even though they may not have found it, they did find the seeds to express those feelings in a really excellent suspense thriller.

Without saying too much about the film, what “The East” does successfully is create a scenario where there is moral ambiguity in terms of who the protagonists and antagonists really are in the story as well as present a really thoughtful view of the inside of an activist group. Like any good film, documentary or otherwise, that grapples with complex issues, you will no doubt be thinking about “The East” long after you’ve finished watching it.

I’m a total sucker for paranoid thrillers, particularly those from the Seventies (ie. “The Parallax View,” “All The Presidents Men” and “Marathon Man”), so “The East” strikes a personal sweet spot.